Center for Legal & Responsible Commerce


We are a full service consumer advocacy firm, committed to protecting the rights of consumers in both the courthouse and the legislature. Unlike most other “consumer advocates,” we do not believe that the proper use of the courts is to create new consumer rights, especially through the use of class actions. We do not believe in filing frivolous lawsuits or using the shotgun method of accepting and filing cases. All of our cases are carefully researched before they are filed. We are committed to ensuring the rights of consumers and business are protected.

Unlike other consumer advocacy firms, we understand that businesses are also consumers. We will help a defrauded business recover their loses from the defrauding entity. We understand that businesses can be defrauded too. We also understand why businesses hate class actions and consumer protection laws generally. Even when a business wins, it loses. Most businesses will not prosecute legitimate fraud claims against other businesses because by the time their attorney's hourly fees are paid, the business has, at best, broken even. If litigation is justified and necessary, we will find your business an attorney who will accept a contingency arrangement.

If you are a consumer and have a problem with a company, a company seeking representation under a contingency fee agreement, or an attorney seeking local counsel, please contact us.